Sin mi no vives♥
Me dicen la jannet, Born & Raised in Chicago<3 Mexicana-American, Puro DGO Plebes;) Consider myself more mexican than american. 110% Mexicana de Corazon cabrones.
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Anonymous asked: Donde haz comprado tus botas vaqueras ?


En la Durango western wear y otro local no me acuerdo como se llama pero esta entre la ashland ave y un pokito antes de la chicago ave, si esq vives en chicago lmao →


I needed to hear that shit I love it when you’re submissive. I’m super aggressive at times when sexing,I love the kissing. You love the clowning, you get behind me, you hate the distance. I love that wrestling makes us different from others but we aren’t so different. Started analysing and…

People who reply fast.

You know why they do it? Because they really want to talk to that person. Don’t take forever to reply, that is just a huge turn off. Don’t make them think that you have someone better to talk to. It just sets them off, and it makes them upset. Next time someone replies right after, appreciate that they want to talk to you.

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