Sin mi no vives♥
Me dicen la jannet, •Jan.23🎂♒️•Born & raised in Chicago💕🌆 •Dgo🌵🐎 •"No te preocupes lo que diga la jente, porque la gente habla mas mierda de lo que caga.";)

selfie ft. shit

Shit face
If im 21 u think its ok to date a girl who is 17 gonna turn 18 in a couple motnhs age is the only thing holding me back


I don’t see much wrong to it . Talk to her parents so they know what’s up and don’t wnna call the cops on you If something happens lol. Idk how serious you’re with this girl but you’ll notice the age difference right away .


If you make a girl feel bad about her body u a bitch

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oiga como le hace pa estar tan bonita 😈


No Pos Nose Creo Mi Apa Y Mi Ama Me Hisieron Con Mucha Pasion Y Lujuria 💏 jajaja